This project was completed in Alta Lake, WA 2016.  Unfortunately the A frame family cabin was lost to a forest fire.  However the family was able to rebuild.  They chose a modular home.  Before the house could be set up, the front of the property had to be retained.  As you can see below, we had a few challenges to over come.


Before pictures

We needed to gain 12 feet of elevation in a very limited work space.  We were up for the challenge.  Suprisingly, this job only took us 11 working days.  It was also a great privlidge to see the relief from the family knowing that they could have their house delivered now.


Our workspace

All of our materials were located at the top of the job.  We had to bring everything down a very narrow path.  We had to make many many trips full of gravel and 8 blocks at a time.  We could not have completed this job with out this ding.  It is a very versatile piece of equipment!


In progress pictures

There are over 700 80 lbs blocks on this job and we touched each one at least 3 times.  That is a lot of weight to move.


This is the finished product